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Huang Min Chairman Global Institute of Logistics China

Shenzhen Port Authority has been the ChairPort of the Institute in China since 2004 and is represented by Huang Min (黄敏) Huang Min is the Chairman of the Shenzhen Transport Commission and Director of the secretariat. Born in Puning, Guangdong in 1963, Huang is a Masters graduate of Dailan’s University of Technology and a qualified engineer. He has been working in the Communist Party since 1985, and served as the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Authority’s (MPA) deputy director and Shenzhen Airport Management Committee’s deputy party secretary since 1986. In November 1987 he became Deputy Director of the Shenzhen City Department of Transportation. In July 2010, he started serving as director of the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Committee. Huang Min has been active in the transport sector for 28 years.

Shenzhen is the third largest container port in the world and the second largest container port in mainland China. Shenzhen Port underwent rapid development during China’s reforms and is now considered a miracle in the world history of port development. The Port is located at the south of Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, merely 20 sea miles away from Hong Kong. Shenzhen Port is divided by Kowloon Peninsula into eastern and western parts. The eastern part is situated in Mirs Bay. Featuring deep waters, tranquil seas and small sediment content, it is an eminent natural harbour in Southern China.


The World Port Strategy Forum (WPSF) has been hosted by the Port of Shenzhen since 2011. WPSF is the annual general meeting of the Port Authority members of the Global Institute of Logistics and takes place each October. The Forum provides members of the Institute from across the world to network and to hear a detailed report on the activities of the Institute for the previous 12 months.

In particular it is an opportunity to hear first hand presentations from thought leaders who have been identified by the Institute to share their experiences in that particular aspect of Port strategy.The Forum sets the agenda for the following years research program which in turn informs the activities of the Institute over the following year.

The theme for the 2015 edition of the forum is “The World’s Leading Port Authorities: Their Strategies and Case Studies"

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