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The Global Institute of Logistics formally inducted its founding Chairman, the late Robert V Delaney into the 'Hall of Fame' The ceremony was held during the institute's inaugural North American Industry Dinner held at the Buckhead Intercontinental in conjunction with the US 3PL Summit.

Robert V. Delaney

Bob, the Institute’s founding Chairman, was known as the “Number’s Man” as a result of establishing a system for calculating the cost of logistics as a percentage of national GDP in the US.This methodology has been the foundation for the industry-leading report in the US logistics sector ‘The Annual State of Logistics Report’, which Bob authored assisted by Roslyn Wilson until his untimely death in 2004. The report, now authored by Rosalyn, produces a percentage figure once a year on the cost of logistics as well as an overview of the US logistics industry. The report is traditionally delivered every July in the National press club in Washington. Bob's son Mr Eddie Delaney, travelled to Atlanta to accept the accolade during an industry dinner. Mr Delaney, who died in 2004, is the first person to receive this honour.

"I am delighted that Bob is to be honoured in this way. It is important that his legacy lives on and that his contribution to the development of modern logistics is recognized. He was an original, always thinking ahead, always creative, and those of us who were close to him will always miss him"


Kieran Ring CEO of the Global Institute of Logistics said  "Bob gave the Institute meaning, I will always be grateful to him for accepting the role of Chairman. I am only saddened that we did not get more time to develop our relationship both personally and professionally. The Institute will work to keep his memory and ideas alive and in particular to emphasis that logistics is first a relationship driven business"

PICTURED: Rosalyn Wilson understudy To Bob and author of the Annual State of Logistics Report since his passing
pictured with Bob's son, Eddie Delaney who accepted the induction on behalf of his Family

The person who has inherited responsibility for the State of Logistics Report, having worked on it with Bob Delaney since 1994, is Rosalyn Wilson of consultancy RBIS. She said at last night’s induction ceremony that she was planning to start a new venture in January next year, a not-for-profit organisation called the Delaney Centre for Logistics Innovation.

The Institute would like to acknowledge and thank Cass Information Systems for their support in making this event possible.

BIOGRAPHY: Robert V. Delaney

Bob Delaney was Vice President for Cass Information Systems. Cass is the largest provider of information services and systems to the logistics and transportation community in North America. Mr. Delaney also serves as a consultant to ProLogis. ProLogis is the largest, publicly held global owner and operator of distribution properties headquartered in the United States. Mr. Delaney is the author of the State of Logistics Report, which is jointly sponsored by Cass and ProLogis. Prior to joining Cass and ProLogis, Mr. Delaney served as a consultant in logistics and transportation with Arthur D. Little, Inc. and Ernst & Young.

Mr. Delaney's transportation management experience includes service as Senior Vice President for Leaseway Transportation and Eastern Region Distribution Manager for Ryder Systems, Inc. His logistics management experience includes senior positions at International Paper Company, Pet Incorporated, Monsanto Chemical Company, and Nabisco.

Mr. Delaney was a graduate of the Alexander Hamilton Institute. He studied at New York University's Stern School of Business and earned his M.B.A. and B.S.B.A. degrees in 1966 and 1963, respectively. He did post-graduate work in Economics at St. Louis University and American University. Mr. Delaney is a certified member of the American Society of Transportation and Logistics.

He is a founder member of the Warehousing Education and Research Council and Council of Logistics Management. He is a member of the National Press Club, the Cato Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. He is a member of the Board of Directors of US Freightways Corporation and the ENO Transportation Foundation's Board of Advisors.

Mr. Delaney contributed to writing the legislation that reformed the economic regulation of our motor carrier and railroad industries in 1980. He played a leading role in the passage of the Aviation Act of 1994 which ended the economic regulation of the trucking industry by the states. He is the co-author of two books on transportation strategy and distribution operations.

His views and articles on transportation public policy have been widely published by business and transportation press. Mr. Delaney received the John Drury Sheahan Award for contributions to the field of business logistics from the Council of Logistics Management in 1981. Mr. Delaney received the Harry E. Salzberg Award for his contributions to transportation productivity from Syracuse University in 1988. He received the Joseph C. Scheleen Award for Excellence from the American Society of Transportation and Logistics in 1992.

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The Global Institute of Logistics (GIL) was established in 2003 under the Chairmanship of renowned US logistician and author Robert V. Delaney in response to the logistics industry’s call for “joined up thinking” amongst stakeholders in the global supply chain. GIL looks to resolve the challenges facing the global logistics chain of managing single transport modes, modal systems and targets which are set on stand-alone operations to create a seamless global logistics system.
A Think Tank, GIL brings together thought-leaders and thought-followers as part of a global knowledge network committed to building up the information base, best practices and standards. This, in turn, creates a platform through which knowledge is shared, best practice is adopted and trade developed. Today the Institute is a community of organizations and professionals from across the world that share a commitment to collaborating on global logistics solutions.
The Institute’s mission is to ‘Network the Global Logistics Community’

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