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The ceremony took place at at the Institute's 6th Annual European Chapter dinner in Antwerp on Tuesday 13th of March 2011. The induction honoured Professor de Monie's contribution to the development of "Best Practice" in the global ports sector.

Gustaaf de Monie
Hall of Fame

Prof. De Monie has been involved in research, project execution and training schemes world-wide. He has authored research studies and papers on port planning, management and operations for UNCTAD, UNDP, The World Bank and The European Community. Studies include – “Berth Throughput”, – “Technological Change in Shipping and its Effects on Ports”, – “Appraisal of Port Investments”, – “Port Development: a Handbook for Planners”, and – “Manual on a Uniform System of Port Statistics and Performance Indicators”.

"I am very proud to have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, because of my work with regard to the many research studies in shipping and ports and of the large number of investigative papers and reports for International Organizations, port industry leaders, governments, port authorities and international terminal operating companies. I wish all new inductees in the Hall of Fame all possible future success and that they may further contribute to the ever growing reputation of the Global Institute of Logistics.”

Professor de Monie


The award is also to acknowledge his support for the development of the Global Institute of Logistics Container Terminal Quality System (CTQS) In 2006 the Institute approached Dr de Monie and asked him to act as expert adviser to the Container Terminal Quality Committee in its quest to developing a quality system and standard for the industry.


The Global Institute of Logistics Hall of Fame serves as a way to recognize distinguished members of the Global logistics community. Those elected to membership in to the Hall of Fame represent the highest achievement in their field, serving as models of what can be achieved and how. Induction as a Laureate into the Global Institute of Logistics Hall of Fame is a lifetime achievement award for individuals who have made a major, positive impact on the logistics profession as visionary business leaders with a strong commitment to the community. The Global Institute of Logistics Hall of Fame Laureates will serve as inspirations to current and future generations.

Each year the Institute invites the Executive Directors of its various councils and chapters globally to nominate individuals for induction into the Institutes Hall of Fame. These nominations feed discussions about what constitutes excellence and success in individual logisticians. The goal is to improve logistics practice by identifying the outstanding logistician in the field over the course of a lifetime. Nominations are acted on by a panel of expert judges, who decide which nominee will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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