Simon Shore

Simon Shore is Managing Director of Cirrus Logistics a UK company providing decision support solutions to local and global corporations. The company supplies software and services that drive value for its customers by providing planning, simulation and modelling data at operational, tactical and strategic levels to support better business decisions.

Simon studied Engineering and began his career in the semiconductor Industry where he was Chairman of the Design Review Board. He went on to focus on designing and supplying software solutions and held a number of Directorships for leading supply chain software companies delivering solutions covering international trade, warehousing and distribution. Simon brings 25 years of driving innovation and business process improvements to the supply chain and manufacturing industry.

Cirrus Logistics specialises in software modelling and simulation, via their CLASS solution for warehouses and their SEABEARTH product for port berth management. The company already serves customers in the Far East, North America, Middle East, Europe and the UK, with further geographic expansion planned in existing and new territories. Cirrus Logistics develop, configure and support IT systems for use as 'decision support tools' by a wide range of industry sectors. Over the past 20 years, our relationship with the maritime, oil and gas sectors has grown and now forms more than 50% of our business.

Cirrus' systems enable our clients to better understand, operate and manage complex facilities by using Cirrus scheduling, simulation and optimisation technology to accurately re-create the key features of their operational activity in the IT environment. Importantly our user friendly, intuitive systems allow our customers to measure performance against their critical KPIs. Products offered by the company include CLASS, for Warehouse Design and Simulation, SEABERTH, for Berth Scheduling and Simulation, and COST2SERV, a Transport and Network Modelling program.

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