KALP Technology is an innovative German-based company in the port equipment sector. Achieving progress of efficient, sustainable terminals and improvements of modern twistlock handling will require creative and innovative technology to cope with new challenges.As a manufacturer of an automation technology, KALP offers different solutions for port automation, especially for an automatic twistlock handling bridging the gap between STS-cranes and horizontal transport systems.The KALP team combines hands-on experience in terminal operations with latest engineering to benefit terminal operators who need to create a modern, sustainable and safe work environment.Contact details:
Phone +49 4641 987 181
Fax +49 4641 987 182
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Working in the maritime industry since 1984, R. Kapelski started as a cadet, sailing on different vessel types as qualified ships engineer.In the early 1990's he began studying marine engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg, while working parallel in the port of Hamburg. During that time R. Kapelski gained experience in different types of cargo handling and different ways of container operation.

Through his practical and technical background R. Kapelski merged the manual work carried out in the terminal with the latest technology and designed the ALP - the Automatic Lashing Platform. In 2006 R. Kapelski patented his innovative system and in 2008 he founded KALP GmbH.



[expand  title="ABOUT CIRRUS LOGISTICS" rel="fiction-highlander" trigpos="above" expanded="true"] Cirrus Logistics specialises in software modelling and simulation, via their CLASS solution for warehouses and their SEABEARTH product for port berth management.

The company already serves customers in the Far East, North America, Middle East, Europe and the UK, with further geographic expansion planned in existing and new territories. Cirrus Logistics develop, configure and support IT systems for use as 'decision support tools' by a wide range of industry sectors. Over the past 20 years, our relationship with the maritime, oil and gas sectors has grown and now forms more than 50% of our business.

Cirrus' systems enable our clients to better understand, operate and manage complex facilities by using Cirrus scheduling, simulation and optimisation technology to accurately re-create the key features of their operational activity in the IT environment. Importantly our user friendly, intuitive systems allow our customers to measure performance against their critical KPIs.

Products offered by the company include CLASS, for Warehouse Design and Simulation, SEABERTH, for Berth Scheduling and Simulation, and COST2SERV, a Transport and Network Modelling program.

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Decision support software provider for the logistics industry, Cirrus Logistics, has been named as a founding member of the Global Institute of Logistics (GIL) Corporate University at a ceremony in Dublin.
Cirrus Logistics, developers of port scheduling software platform SEABERTH, will now work with the Institute as a dedicated IT advisor, and engage with Port Authorities on the development of best practice IT procedures around the areas of berthing, maximising port throughput, and minimising demurrage costs.
“We are very proud to have been named as one of the founding members, and of the recognition the Global Institute of Logistics has given to the SEABERTH platform,” said Simon Shore, Managing Director of Cirrus Logistics. “We are very aware of the positive work the Institute is doing with Port Authorities around the world, and are delighted that we can help them on this journey.”
The announcement caps off a memorable April for Cirrus Logistics; earlier this month the Basingstoke UK-based firm received the Queen’s Award for ‘Outstanding Performance in International Trade’, in recognition of its tremendous growth in exports.
“Today’s announcement helps the Global Institute of Logistics in achieving its vision to create a Corporate University for the logistics industry,” said Kieran Ring, chief executive, Global Institute of Logistics. “GIL is on a constant knowledge mission, and Cirrus’ SEABERTH platform enhances the level of knowledge support we can deliver to our members around the world.”
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[expand  title="ABOUT G4S" rel="fiction-highlander" trigpos="above" expanded="true"] G4S is the world's leading international security solutions group.

From risk assessment to delivery, G4S works in partnership with governments, businesses and other organisations to provide integrated solutions to security challenges. Their heritage goes back over a century and, with more than 625,000 employees, we are one of the largest private employers in the world.

In today's interdependent global economy, international trade and travel is reliant upon the security of our vast network of ports and airports. At G4S, we know that the key to realising wider benefits for our clients is to always look at the overall picture to consider solutions that transform performance.

G4S works closely with clients to understand the specific security and business risks they face. Bringing together our expertise in logistics, technology, project management and managing the world's biggest security personnel work force, we design solutions to mitigate these risks, with the aim of adding value in the process.
[/expand] [expand  title="DIRECTOR OF GLOBAL PORT SOLUTIONS" rel="fiction-highlander" trigpos="above"] MR. DAVID FAIRNIE
David is responsible for G4S's global port solutions strategy, which focuses on partnering with Industry and Government stakeholders to provide the most innovative security solutions to mitigate current and evolving global sector risks.

David is a highly experienced senior security executive with extensive operational and commercial experience worldwide. A former Royal Navy Warfare Officer, a Senior Maritime Risk Management Consultant and, subsequently, a key Corporate Security Executive with a top International Port Operator.

David joined G4S from DP World in 2009, and has a proven and demonstrable track record of developing high level Supply Chain Security strategies - and in doing so adding considerable value to position G4S as a recognized international leader in port and supply chain security.
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Kewill, a Francisco Partners portfolio company, is a global leader in multimodal transportation management software, providing organizations with a comprehensive end-to-end platform for managing the complexities of transportation, logistics and trade compliance.

The Kewill MOVE™ platform helps companies reduce costs, manage volatility and gain greater visibility across the logistics value chain. Trade, Transport, Store, Comply, Manage and Integrate − the Kewill transportation management platform gives you the insight, agility and tools you need to deliver better customer service and streamline global supply chain execution for strategic advantage.

The Kewill platform supports supply chain execution activities for over 7,500 companies in more than 100 countries.

Learn more about how Kewill can help you achieve greater innovation in your transportation management and logistics functions – contact us today.
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Bob Farrell President and Ceo
Bob FarrellAs CEO, Bob Farrell brings more than 25 years of broad and diverse international business leadership experience to Kewill. Bob joined the company in October of 2012 to accelerate growth by driving operational improvements and executing on strategies that enable Kewill to extend its leadership position in the global trade and logistics software and solutions markets.

Prior to joining Kewill, he was president and CEO of EDGAR Online, a leading global provider of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) software, services and data where he managed the sale of the company to RR Donnelly & Sons (NASDAQ: RRD). Before EDGAR Online, Bob was chairman and CEO of Metastorm, a global provider of business process management software and solutions that was acquired by OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX). Bob was also the president of the Americas for Mercator Software, a NASDAQ-listed provider of enterprise application integration software. He was also chief operating officer at LeadingSide, where he led day-to-day operations for the global provider of knowledge-driven information retrieval and also served as executive vice president of international operations at Computer Horizons, a worldwide provider of IT services and solutions to Fortune 1000 and government organisations. Earlier in his career, Bob held positions at several large organisations including E. F. Hutton, American Express and Grumman Data Systems.
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[expand  title="ABOUT TCT" rel="fiction-highlander" trigpos="above" expanded="true"] The Corporation Tenerife Container Terminal (TCT) comprises OHL Concesiones and Marítima Davila. Tenerife Container Terminal is a new creation one, located at the east dock of the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it is expected to start activities in the first quarter of 2013.

This Terminal covers a 152.804 square metres platform, a berth line of 696 metres and 16 metre draught. It is designed for handling import, export and transfer traffics and has the capacity to operate simultaneously at least two Super-Post Panamax ships. The new installations and equipments are designed to satisfy the increasing demand of port services for last generation vessels, with a capacity up to 13.500 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit, unit of container measure, generally 20 or 40 feet size).

Its privileged location gives the Terminal the possibility to incorporate the international transfer container traffics, from or to Europe and America, and also to the emerging markets in the African Atlantic Coast. The new OHL Dávila Terminal in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will start with four Super Post Panamax cranes that will allow the Canarian port the reactivation of the international transfer business in the dock.
[/expand] [expand  title="GENERAL MANAGER" rel="fiction-highlander" trigpos="above"] MR. JOSÉ IGNACIO URIARTE

Jose is the General Manager for Tenerife Container Terminal, bringing over 25 years of industry experience and deep knowledge of the maritime transport industry. He holds a Masters Degree in International Shipping and Distribution from the Plymouth Polytechnic in Devon, UK. His career began at sea, sailing with Anders Jahre A/S and others. In 1986 he became Captain of the M/S IBF Trader, working in close collaboration with the Chartering Department of the American Company "International Brokerage & Finance".

Throughout his career he has held several high-level positions where he has consistently delivered impressive results. He participated in the acquisition of Sealand and PONL when he worked for Maersk Line, reaching the position of country manager (IBETOP) while in Maersk. He was also responsible for the creation of the new agency set-up for Spain and Portugal for United Arab Shipping Company."

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