Allard Castelein is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Port Authority (CEO).

He qualified as a medical doctor before pursuing a career in the Energy sector and was formerly the Vice President Environment at Royal Dutch Shell.

A varied career within this Royal Dutch Shell saw him occupy a variety of management positions in such areas as commerce, production, and strategy.Castelein last posting gave him responsibility for all environmental aspects of Royal Dutch Shell’s global operations, the post involved maintaining relations with the many international and national interest groups in this field. In his 26 years at Royal Dutch Shell, Mr.Castelein worked in a variety of different business units in such locations as Rotterdam, London, the Middle East and the Far East.

Mr. Castelein also holds a number of Supervisory Board positions including those at Isala Klinieken, Rotterdam Partners, Sohar Industrial Port Company and the Ronald McDonald House Sophia Rotterdam. He is a senior member of several Dutch trade organizations including Logistiek Nederland, Economische Programmaraad Zuidvleugel and the General Council of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers.

Mr. Castelein was reappointed for a second four-year term at the Port of Rotterdam in 2017  by the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Dutch State, the two shareholders of the port authority. His new term will start on January 1, 2018. Speaking on the occasion of his reappointment, Mr. Castelein said, 'I am delighted that in the period ahead, we will be able to continue expanding the implementation of the strategy that we developed as a Port Authority – a strategy we already made a good start on these past few years, together with our many partners and stakeholders. Thanks to digitization and the energy transition, this is a period of major changes for the port. The Port Authority and the companies established in the port complex need to continue playing an active role when it comes to taking on these challenges for the future'

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Rutger van Slobbe commented: “Over the past few years, Allard Castelein has proven to be the right man in the right place for the Port Authority and the port of Rotterdam in this period of change. We wish him the best of luck over the next four years in further developing our port and industrial complex into the world’s smartest and best port.”


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