Innovative AI, EV Solution, Green Energy, Next Communication, Semiconductor and Robotics Technology Opens Gateway To Collaborative Synergies

SHARP Tech Day marks the beginning of a new generation of technological transformation that will inspire many more new innovations to come. (Third from left) SHARP Corporation President and CEO, Robert Wu, and (L-R) Executive Managing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Head of R & D Mototaka Taneya, Executive Vice President, Masahiro Okitsu, Chief Financial Officer, Branden Chen.

Innovators are crucial in addressing global challenges. The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the National Academy of Engineering’s 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st century call upon the world to innovate for the betterment of our planet. SHARP Corporation (SHARP) stands as a leading innovator, spearheading transformative technological advancements aimed at enhancing industries’ performance and society’s quality of life.

With a legacy of 111 years of innovation, SHARP is pioneering the fusion of contemporary challenges with technologically curated solutions. Recently, at the prestigious SHARP Tech Day in Tokyo, Japan, the company unveiled its futuristic technology roadmap. This event welcomed local Japanese government representatives, foreign embassy officials, government delegates from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as both local and international business partners and media.

“SHARP Tech Day marks the genesis of a technological transformation that promises a wave of future innovations. Our latest breakthroughs in AI, EV Solutions, Green Energy, Next Communication, Semiconductor, and Robotics aim to simplify and secure life and work. Speed and determination will fuel our journey towards technological advancement,” explained Robert Wu, President, and CEO of SHARP Corporation.

Showcasing over 40 technology solutions across four vital categories, SHARP presented an experiential display. Mototaka Taneya, Executive Managing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Head of R&D, highlighted, “We’re thrilled to introduce four groundbreaking innovations—’The Future of Smart Living,’ ‘The Future of Smart Cities,’ ‘The Future of Smart Industry,’ and ‘The Future of Sustainability.’ Hosting key decision-makers from government and industry allowed us to demonstrate firsthand how our connected products and services can revolutionize lifestyles and work dynamics.”

The Future of Smart Living

SHARP’s AI Partner is a highly compatible item that allows users to control home appliances and coordination with various services.

Focused on the theme “Less Is More,” SHARP presented its newest Smart Living Solutions, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) collaborations with startups and incorporating its distinctive nature-inspired technology into product proposals. Aligned with the evolving needs of modern consumers, SHARP aims to enhance households by providing increased convenience and comfort.

The Future of Smart Cities

In response to unforeseen hazardous circumstances, SHARP’s commitment to promoting “Better Safety” in urban areas is evident in its showcases. Among these is the “Instant 5G Network,” a local disaster relief solution housing essential equipment—batteries and application servers—capable of swiftly establishing a waterproof, portable 5G environment. Additionally, mobility is a pivotal aspect of smart city development. In this regard, SHARP remains at the forefront of innovation, particularly in bolstering driver safety through its AI-driven driving-assistance feature.

The Future of Smart Industry

SHARP’s automated warehouse system, with automated transport robots, holds the potential to help businesses improve storage capacity, improve business efficiency, and inject flexible operations in distribution warehouses.

Centered on the integration of “Enhanced Efficiency,” SHARP’s initiatives—Smarter Office leveraging XR and Smarter Logistics employing robotics—drive significant improvements in logistical operations. Furthermore, the brand’s pioneering advancements in Smart Manufacturing and Smart Laboratory technology, powered by AI and Sensing Technology, offer cutting-edge solutions for forward-looking manufacturing processes and bioengineering endeavors.

The Future of Sustainability

Aligning with the worldwide push for sustainable alternatives, SHARP is making waves through advancements in Green Energy and Green Digital Communication. Its groundbreaking solar innovations cater to both household and business applications, pushing boundaries to create new solar modules for the electric vehicle (EV) sector and even space-related endeavors. Expanding its sustainability portfolio, Sharp’s IGZO backplane achieves exceptional visibility for the new electronic paper display, or ePoster, while consuming zero watts (“0W”) when presenting a static image. Developed in collaboration with E Ink Holdings Inc, this ePoster is now available in A2 size, conforming to standard poster dimensions.

Nurturing synergy among innovators 

Beyond innovating products, SHARP is committed to fostering collaboration among innovators to accelerate technological advancements and market readiness. The company has openly shared specifications for its edge AI technology and established a cooperative system to encourage partnerships. Recognizing the wealth of ideas within start-ups, SHARP has engaged with five start-ups to further develop generative AI technology. Additionally, its strategic partner, FOXCONN, showcased an SUV Electric Vehicle and a series of automotive semiconductors, high-reliability automotive MCUs, and LED IC control.

Embracing diverse perspectives and skills, SHARP organized a hackathon during the SHARP Tech Day, welcoming engineers, designers, and participants from various backgrounds, including corporations, start-ups, and academia. Regardless of industry or occupation, participants were challenged to redefine the future value of televisions. Themes such as “AI,” “Web3,” “QoL (Quality of Life),” and “Entertainment” inspired the development of applications and software prototypes.

The winning team, Team Yukai na Nakama Tachi, proposing an ‘AI assistant standing close by the family,’ received the coveted 1 million yen cash prize. SHARP is actively considering future joint development and acceleration support for the winning prototype, reinforcing its commitment to collaborative innovation.

Hackathon winner, Team Yukai na Nakama Tachi, took home the coveted 1 million yen cash prize with their winning idea of an ‘AI assistant standing close by the family’. (Front line) 2nd from left: SHARP Corporation R&D, Kazuo Kanemaru, 4th from Right to Left : Head of R & D of R&D Mototaka Taneya, TV System Business Unit, Eiichi Takakura and Shunsuke Uesugi, R & D, Kazuhiro Kitamura

The SHARP Tech Day stood as a testament to the company’s steadfast dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability, drawing a full house eagerly anticipating the unveiling of groundbreaking innovations. SHARP firmly believes that attendees left equipped with insights into their cutting-edge advancements, sparking dialogues and potential collaborations centered around adoption and forging new partnerships.