Peel Ports Logistics has recently inked a significant deal with Drax, a leading renewable energy specialist, to serve as its shipping agency service provider for vessels transporting biomass into the Port of Liverpool, England. This strategic partnership is set to streamline the arrival of Drax’s ships, primarily from North America, at the Port of Liverpool’s state-of-the-art £100 million biomass terminal.

The Port of Liverpool has been a pivotal hub for the import and handling of biomass, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable energy sources. The biomass, which plays a crucial role in the generation of renewable power, is transported to Drax Power Station, located near Selby in North Yorkshire. Drax Power Station stands out as the largest single source of renewable power in the United Kingdom, contributing significantly to the nation’s renewable energy goals.

Under this collaboration, Peel Ports Logistics will manage the logistics associated with the arrival of Drax’s vessels, handling aspects such as crew support and customs clearance. The agreement encompasses the facilitation of approximately 50 vessels annually, each carrying up to 50,000 tonnes of biomass. This not only underscores the scale and importance of the partnership but also highlights the operational efficiency required to handle such substantial volumes of renewable fuel.

Sebastian Gardiner, Managing Director at Peel Ports Logistics, expressed pride in being selected as Drax’s new shipping agency and emphasized the confidence this move reflects in the expertise and capabilities of Peel Ports Logistics. He noted that the broader Peel Ports Group already shares a robust working relationship with Drax, and this collaboration is poised to strengthen that partnership further.

Mark Gibbens, Head of Logistics at Drax, highlighted the significance of this strategic partnership in fortifying Drax’s global supply chain. He emphasized how the biomass brought to ports like Liverpool enhances the UK’s national energy security while also supporting job creation across the country. The alliance aligns with Drax’s commitment to ensuring a sustainable and reliable energy supply for millions of households and businesses in the UK.

The Port of Liverpool, boasting its £100 million biomass terminal, has been a vital link in the biomass supply chain. The facility, operational since 2016, is designed to handle the safe unloading and storage of biomass pellets. With three purpose-built silos, the port can efficiently manage and store large quantities of biomass upon arrival from vessels. The port plays a crucial role in handling up to 3 million tonnes of imported biomass globally each year.

Beyond the logistical aspects, the Port of Liverpool’s role extends to supporting the transportation of biomass from the port to Drax Power Station. Rail transport is a key component of this process, ensuring the efficient and sustainable movement of biomass from the port to the power station. This integrated approach exemplifies the synergy required between different elements of the supply chain to sustainably contribute to the UK’s renewable energy objectives.

Peel Ports Group has been actively strengthening its team to enhance its global container operations. The recent appointment of Marcus Connolly as the Strategic Commercial Director underscores the company’s commitment to optimizing its strategic positioning in the global maritime and logistics landscape.

The collaboration between Peel Ports Logistics and Drax not only exemplifies the synergies within the renewable energy supply chain but also underscores the critical role that ports play in facilitating sustainable and efficient logistics for renewable resources. As the demand for renewable energy continues to grow, strategic partnerships like these become pivotal in ensuring a reliable and sustainable supply chain for the evolving energy landscape.

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