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Press Release



The Global Institute of Logistics has today announced that B&H Worldwide has been accredited with Best-in-Class status, in recognition of the company’s outstanding contribution to the development of best practice in independent freight forwarding and logistics in the global aerospace vertical.

B&H Worldwide’s accreditation as Best-in-Class arises from the Institute’s ongoing research into the evolving role of the Independent Freight Forwarder in global logistics. The final report will be published in 2018. The research is a response to the growing trend of Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO’s) outsourcing the management of their freight traffic, logistics, and supply chain support functions to the independent freight forwarding sector.

The report includes a module on the role of the independent freight forwarder in the global aerospace industry.  The Institute has determined that B&H Worldwide is the benchmark independent freight forwarder in the sector. The research, coupled with peer group opinion, warrants this accreditation.