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The Accreditation Committee at the Global Institute of Logistics (GIL) has designated PWC Logistics as the recipient of its ‘Best in Class 3pl in the GCC Region For 2004-5′ accreditation. The Accreditation comes on the heels of a detailed research and selection process into leading providers of supply chain and third-party logistics (3PL) services in the region.

The partnership is driven by several key working groups reporting to a steering committee comprising the CEO’s and Presidents from the member ports. The working groups focus on a range of subjects including smart IT solutions, the implications, and solutions for ultra large container vessels and shaping digital change in port authorities (people & processes).

Presenting the Accreditation at a ceremony held in Dubai, Siobhan Kelly, Lead Analyst of GIL said: “In PWC Logistics, we have found all of the key ingredients needed to succeed as a global 3PL. The company’s massive transactional experience, gained since its inception in 1979, together with intelligent investment in supply chain execution software have seen PWC Logistics gain the necessary experience needed to step out of its own backyard.” The event was attended by several of PWC’s clients and representatives from the Dubai Ports Authority.

“In pursuit of regional scalability, PWC Logistics has made excellent acquisitions, created key partnership agreements, and above all, added to what was already an enviable client list in double quick time – clearly making it the market leader in the region,” she stated.

The comprehensive study conducted by the research department of GIL, spread over the last year, draws on a quality-ranking system based on responses provided by concerned parties within the global logistics end-users sector.

The purpose of the study was to set forth criteria and procedures for governing material flow in the sector, to highlight the unity of different functions in supply chain, and to establish which organisations played an ability to react most quickly to the changing face of logistics and make the most significant contribution to lean manufacture.

It also investigated the role played by logistics providers in developing outbound solutions for manufacturing, the components of their supply chain that ensure the smooth flow of goods, and value-added services and customer requirements. The outcome of the study saw PWC Logistics emerge as the unequivocal choice of the Accreditations Committee for the title of leader in the logistics sector in the GCC region.

In response to the announcement, PWC Logistics’ UAE General Manager, Mike Lee, said “This is indeed a great commendation for PWC Logistics, and demonstrates that we have achieved significant success in the region. In a short span of five years, not only have we succeeded in educating customers about the benefits of outsourcing their logistics operations to a 3PL company, but have also managed to help them improve the quality of their supply chain, thereby saving them valuable time and money.

“This accreditation recognises PWC Logistics’ outstanding contribution to logistics, and in particular, its commitment to the development of comprehensive and professional supply chain solutions. We have adopted a progressive strategy to accommodate the high demand driven nature of the local economy, for which warehouse space and inventory management is necessary and PWC Logistics has proven itself to be at the forefront in the advancement of the sector,” Lee added.


The Global Institute of Logistics (GIL) was established in 2003 under the Chairmanship of renowned US logistician and author Robert V. Delaney in response to the global logistics industry’s call for “joined up thinking” amongst stakeholders in the global supply chain. GIL looks to resolve the challenges facing the global logistics chain of managing single transport modes, modal systems, and targets which are set on stand-alone operations to create a seamless global logistics system.
Acting as a think tank within the sector, GIL brings together thought-leaders and thought-followers as part of a global knowledge network committed to building up the information base, best practices and standards needed. This, in turn, creates a platform through which knowledge is shared, best practice is adopted and trade developed. Today the Institute is a community of organizations and professionals from across the world that share a commitment to collaborating on global logistics solutions.
The Institute’s mission is to ‘Network the Global Logistics Community’

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