In keeping with the overall development of the Institute’s strategy to create formal alliances between its member Port Authorities, the Port of Cork opens negotiations with Shenzhen to lay the foundation for a bilateral agreement between the 2 ports, trade development and exchange of personnel were the pillars of the agreement.

In March 2014, a delegation from the Port of Shenzhen visited the Port of Cork to sign a Sister Port Agreement which will see both ports developing the trade and shipping business while deepening the understanding and relationship between each other. Signing took place in the Port of Cork offices during a two day visit of eleven delegates from Shenzhen to the Port of Cork.

sisterport_shenzhen_625The Port of Shenzhen and the Port of Cork are important ports in their respective regions and given the growth of the world’s shipping industry Shenzhen Port and the Port of Cork face common opportunities as well as challenges. The Port of Shenzhen is one of the busiest and fastest growing ports in southern mainland of the People’s Republic of China. Located in the southern region of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province, it is the economic hinterland for Hong Kong trade with the Mainland and also one of the most important ports in terms of China’s international trade.

Shenzhen port is home to 39 shipping companies with 131 international container routes. There are 560 ships on call at Shenzhen port on a monthly basis and also 21 feeder routes to other ports in the Pearl River Delta region.

This sister port agreement will see the leadership and management of both ports maintaining regular contact and will look to send staff for an exchange of visits to their respective ports to discuss issues of mutual benefit and further enrich the co-operation and collaboration between both ports. There will also be an agreement to recommend beneficial partners to each other.

“We have signed this sister port agreement with the Port of Shenzhen to the benefit of both ports. We anticipate much cooperation and exchanging of port expertise into the future and we know the Port of Cork can expect to learn a lot from Shenzhen in terms of international trade, port development and expanding our services.”

Chairman of the Port of Cork, John Mullins

He continued: “This really is an excellent opportunity for the Port of Cork and one we intend to maximise.” Both ports are committed to working together to draw upon the experience and business expertise between the them and broaden the exchange and co-operation between each other in the areas of port planning and building, operation and management, environmental protection, information technology, personnel training and port security.

During their visit to the Port of Cork, the delegates from Shenzhen visited the port facilities, Cork City and Cobh.