The Global Institute of Logistics’ (GIL) Container Terminal Benchmarking Group (CTBG) is delighted to announce that BNCT (Busan Newport Container Terminal) South Korea has been accredited with ‘Best in Class’ status. The announcement comes as a result of ongoing research by GIL on behalf of The CTBG into operating standards at container terminals in the North East Asia region.

BNCT is turning steadfast commitment to best practice into remarkable achievements at the highest level. This puts BNCT in the same League as previous recipients of the award such as Yantian International Terminals, HHLA Container Terminal, and Valencia Port Authority.


GIL’s CEO Kieran Ring pointing out that “this comes as no surprise for those of us that have followed the development of BNCT over the last 5 years” According to Mr. Ring, “BNCT’s most remarkable achievement is the speed and scale at which the terminal was able to grow while maintaining world-class productivity and service levels from day 1”. With 5 million TEU reached well within its first 5 years of operation, BNCT handled 0.5 million TEU in its first year increasing by 139% to over 1.2 million TEU in 2013 and jumping 20% to over 1.4 million TEU in 2014. Even in this year of slowing container growth, BNCT expects to increase volume by 16% compared to last year.

“Despite being the 1st vertically structured automated yard and straddle carrier operation in Asia”… according to BNCT’s President and CEO John Elliott who has been running major container ports and terminals around the world for over 25 years …“This is without a doubt the fastest and smoothest container terminal start-up I have ever seen. It is very unusual for such a large container facility to have run so long at such high growth levels without any major operational issues or breakdowns since opening.”

GIL highly respects BNCT for consistently exceeding global benchmarks in all aspects of terminal operation, particularly in the areas of truck turn time, ship, and terminal area productivity, achievements also recognized by Busan Port Authority (BPA) who in May of 2015 presented BNCT with the Best Productivity for 2014 award citing BNCT’s “unbeatable improvement of terminal productivity with operational and strategic integration”.

According to Mr. Elliott, BNCT’s winning formula is a combination of many factors including; significant up-front commitment & investment by our shareholders, sufficient available capacity, top quality location, most modern equipment, latest IT and of course high performing employees all ready to absorb 1.8 mil TEU upon opening. And BNCT has no intention of stopping at 1.8 mil. Thanks to our phased approach to growing capability even further, we were able to expand our capacity by over 700,000 TEU to 2.5 mil TEU in mid-2015 and can expand once again in the future to our designed capacity of 3.5 mil TEU.

BNCT is proud of this recognition not only for BNCT but also in support of the Korean governments’ plan for Busan Port announced in October 2016 to become the 2nd largest transshipment hub port in the world.

About BNCT

BNCT Co., Ltd. is an independent full-service container terminal with 2.5 million TEU. As the most advanced terminal in Korea and the 1st vertical-automated in Asia, BNCT can berth 3 of the world’s largest container vessels simultaneously at 1400 meters of Quay with 16-17m water draft with the biggest and most technologically advanced equipment to match.

BNCT is designed to offer unrivaled performance, reliability and full service compared to any other terminal in Korea. Because of BNCT’s automated-vertical design our state of art equipment can operate to their maximum potential without having to wait for the previous or next process to finish before working which fully optimizes productivity. And all this is supported by the most modern terminal operating system and industry leading automation technology.