Global Institute of Logistics Accredits Quick Cargo Service with Best in Class Accreditation at a Press Conference Today in Berlin Germany

The Global Institute of Logistics has today announced that Quick Cargo Service Germany has been accredited with Best in Class status in recognition of the company’s outstanding contribution to the development of best practice in independent freight forwarding in Germany and beyond. Quick Cargo Service is the first independent freight forwarder to achieve ‘Best in Class” accreditation from GIL as has been given that honor in recognition of the esteem in which the company is held both in Germany and globally.

Dieter Haltmayer President and Founder of Quick Cargo Service Receives ‘Best in Class’ Certification from Kieran Ring CEO & Founder of the Global Institute of Logistics.

Pioneer status is not new to QCS, having pioneered:

Commenting on today’s announcement, Kieran Ring CEO at the Institute said

“I am delighted to present Quick Cargo Service with its accreditation as Best in Class, I have worked very closely on the research which informed our decision and am in no doubt that in QCS the Institute has identified one of the world’s leading independent freight forwarders. The story of the company’s development is inspiring and demonstrates how by adopting a customer first, market aware approach independent freight forwarders can not only survive but thrive in the global marketplace.

It is impossible to quantify what effect QCS has had on the building up of best practice in the sector, their pioneering work in network and alliance development has been copied time and time again the world over. The great news about QCS is that it is as ambitious today about its future as it was when it was founded in 1974 and that is why we have chosen them as the first to receive our accreditation. We have a front seat view on the company’s future direction and will be there to research and report on how they are responding to the new and varied challenges emanating from the customer base. How QCS responds and innovates will set the standard and this, in turn, will inform the industry globally”

Speaking at today’s Press Conference, Dieter Haltmayer Founder and President of Quick Cargo Service said:

“I am delighted to accept this accreditation as ‘Best in Class’ from the Global Institute of Logistics. Being the best has always been and will always remain our mission at QCS. We endeavor to be the best in every aspect of our business, including the best freight forwarder, the best partner, and the best employer.

Today’s accreditation proves that QCS is ready for the future, our board led by my children, Stephan, Heidi, and Jennifer will continue to build on the work of the last 42 years and are adapting and developing our company to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century freight forwarding industry. I look to the future with great confidence”

Stephan Haltmayer Geschäftsführer / Managing Director Quick Cargo Service added:

“It is our privilege at QCS to be the first “Best in Class” independent freight forwarder to be accredited by the Global Institute of Logistics. It is humbling to join the ranks of other great German companies who have achieved this honor, like Hellmann, HHLA and Hamburg Port Authority. I very much look forward to collaborating with the Institute on the development of our case study and to working with the other ‘Best in Class ‘forwarders from around the world in building up the knowledge base around best practice. We are no strangers to the alliance concept and I welcome the opportunity to be part of a group that represent the “best of the best”, I believe we can achieve great things together and ensure the long-term survival and development of our industry”


Quick Cargo Service is one of the top ten owner-managed IATA forwarders in Germany. Founded in 1974 by Dieter Haltmayer, today the company is represented in Germany by ten branch offices at key locations, along with international presences in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Basel, Zurich, Copenhagen, and Warsaw. In addition to air freight, sea freight has long been a second mainstay of the business; in Hamburg, QCS has its own sea freight terminal.

When founding the company Dieter Haltmayer built upon his 15 years of experience as freight manager for British European Airlines (BEA), British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and Air Canada. Now the company is run successfully by two generations of the Haltmayer family. The operations of the company have largely been passed onto the founder’s children: Stephan Haltmayer (Managing Director), Heidi Haltmayer (Administration and Operations Director) and Dr. Jennifer Melnyk (Finance Director).

For airfreight, QCS is a reliable partner for global shipments. The high departure frequency and firm capacities with carriers ensure consistent quality and high-performance connections around the globe. When it comes to international sea freight Quick Cargo Service offers intelligent, tailor-made logistics solutions. The selection of shipping lines according to strict criteria secures a continually high level of quality.

In the industry QCS is well known for forging alliances. Aptly marking the start of the new millennium, in the year 2000 Dieter Haltmayer initiated the group known as IGLU Air Cargo GmbH: a name based on the German phrase “Interessengemeinschaft Luftfracht”, meaning “association of common interests in air freight”. IGLU is an association of 23 medium-sized airfreight forwarders based in Germany, created to pool their collective bargaining power as medium-sized forwarders. Together the IGLU members load 1800 tons of airfreight every month to 80 destinations around the world, matching the levels of multinationals. The IGLU founder’s son, Stephan, has also shown a talent for alliances, going on to co-found the China Cargo Alliance (CCA), the Aerospace Logistics Group and SSF-Pharma.

The company has also continued to develop. QCS has now entered the perishable goods market and installed a refrigerated warehouse on the ground floor of the company headquarters in the Kurhessenstrasse. Quick Cargo Service has continued to focus on expansion: the firm currently employs around 200 employees in Germany and Europe.

The Global Institute of Logistics (GIL) was established in 2003 under the Chairmanship of renowned US logistician and author Robert V. Delaney in response to the global logistics industry’s call for “joined up thinking” amongst stakeholders in the global supply chain. GIL looks to resolve the challenges facing the global logistics chain of managing single transport modes, modal systems and targets which are set on stand-alone operations to create a seamless global logistics system.
Acting as a think tank within the sector, GIL brings together thought-leaders and thought-followers as part of a global knowledge network committed to building up the information base, best practices and standards needed. This, in turn, creates a platform through which knowledge is shared, best practice is adopted and trade developed. Today the Institute is a community of organizations and professionals from across the world that share a commitment to collaborating on global logistics solutions.
The Institute’s mission is to ‘Network the Global Logistics Community’

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