CHAINLOG RECEIVES STRONG SUPPORT AT ITS LAUNCH AT IAPH BALI is a “one stop marketplace”, bundling digital information about facilities, companies, service providers and liner services within and between ports. initiated by the Port of Hamburg with the support of the Global Institute of Logistics was formally launched at the International Association of Ports and Harbors World Ports Conference in Bali. reflects the growing momentum behind multilateral cooperation between ports which is gaining more and more traction.

For the first time, port users will be able to access the important data needed to design their maritime logistics supply chain. For instance, cargo owners that source product from Vietnam can search for the nearest container port, a listing of recommended agents and haulers to collect and deliver purchased the product to that port, the shipping line which connects to the port of delivery and for service providers at the arrival port.

The idea for CHAINLOG came from the chainPORT industry group. chainPORT is the world’s first multilateral alliance between seaports and has been developed in direct response to the changing economic and ecological landscape facing Port Authorities; increased port completion, economic shocks impacting trade volumes and more stringent environmental standards. reflects the first step by port authorities to embrace the digital era and has the potential to migrate from simple data sharing to become a total visibility platform for the global maritime logistics chain. enables users to easily access a comprehensive overview:

Participation by Port Authorities in CHAINLOG .net demonstrates:

Please visit to view a working model of the platform. For demonstration purposes, please choose the ports of Hamburg and Busan.

Ports interested in participating in CHAINLOG, please contact:

Mathias Schulz:
Email: schulz (at) hafen-hamburg
Phone: +49 40 37709 114